Campervan Converters, Dealers and Hire companies. This page is for you.


Are you looking for quality campervan upholstery from someone who understands your business?

We know what it’s like to run a business – there’re deadlines to meet, customers to please and suppliers that hopefully won’t let you down.

But you know all about that, right? 

We’d like to help remove some of the stress and give you the kind of service you give to your customers. 

The kind of service you should get.


Cube Upholstery has a tonne of experience working with Camper Converters, Dealers and Camper Hire Companies and are capable of dealing with large orders, as well as one off, bespoke orders. As we work closely with you, we’ll make sure we understand exactly what you require each time and by when.

We also know that excellent quality, stylish upholstery can help you sell your van(s) faster. Result!

You also get to deal directly with the owners, so no being passed from pillar to post.

There’re no barriers between you and us, we answer the phones ourselves and speak plain English. Well, it’s a Nottingham | Derby accent, but we don’t use corporate jargon to bamboozle you.

We’re not sales people either, so you can feel free to contact us with any questions you might have and we won’t suddenly become super pushy. That’s just not us. We find that kind of behaviour icky.

So if you’d like an informal chat with us to see how we could help you shift a van or twenty, or maybe you’d just like some free vinyl samples for now to take a gander at, you can either,






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